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Gbemi Petersen is an expat, and has been living in Denmark for 10 years.

She is coming to Café K, and will be telling you something about what she experienced when she moved to Denmark.

Being an expat - Takes one to know one

Special event in Café K, KompetenceCenter Billund, Tårnvej 135, 7200 Grindsted on May 26th 2016, at 8.30 to 11.30. Participation is free.

Would you like to hear from an expat about:

-          Finding jobs in Denmark

-          Networking in Denmark

-          Living in Denmark

-          Language barriers                                      

-          And much more


Gbemi Petersen is coming to Café K. She is an expat, and has been living in Denmark for 10 years. She came here in 2006 and moved from Herning to Billund in April 2016 with her Danish husband and two kids. She can answer questions about what her role was – as a spouse – moving to Denmark. What to consider – especially in a job context. Language barriers – how to get over it.

She will share her experiences and give good advice – and answer your questions – about living and working in Denmark. And much more.

Participation is free, so fill up the car and come join us – the more the merrier. You are welcome to bring your little ones if need be. 

If you think this sounds interesting contact Tina Juul at or call +45 7213 1120 to sign up for the event.