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NN Markedsdata

From any PC, here at KompetenceCenter Billund, or from your private PC/Mac here or at home, you are free to collect information from companies all over Denmark.

This tool from NN Markedsdata is very valuable in your jobsearch. You will be able to find information about currently 1,6 mio. companies in Denmark.

You will be able to find contact information for all companies in Billund municipality within a certain industry, size, location etc. and use this list for unsolicited contacts. This is just one way of using NN Markedsdata.

The database is available in english and in danish.

Come see us at Café K, KompetenceCenter Billund to get a free login (valid for one month). This is one way of helping you in the right direction when it comes to a job. 

The website is called:

See you at Café K. Happy jobhunting!  


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