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International rekruttering

Looking for a job in Denmark? Do you know how to enter the Danish labour market?

International rekruttering

There are many competent and high-educated internationals with specialized competencies in an international environment settled in Billund Kommune, who are looking for a job.

Are you an accompanying partner of a working expat living in Billund Kommune? Are you looking for support for entering the Danish job market? Then meet with us.

Billund Kommune started this initiative:

We support internationals and local companies to create a WIN-WIN-Situation. Internationals should feel valuable as members of the Danish society. They should feel integrated and satisfied in a working environment. Local companies should benefit of the diverse competencies and skills of internationals in order to achieve the company’s vision and strategic goals as well as business growth.

Be aware of your competencies as a benefit for the company.

You need to make yourself available for vacant positions and visible to local companies. We offer you a series of individual meetings focusing on:

  • Previous work experience, qualifications, competencies, skills and how to present them to Danish employers.
  • CV and cover letter.
  • Individual coaching (prepare for interviews, work on desired goals)
  • Knowledge of Danish job market, workplace culture, requirements and working conditions.
  • Job/Internship search guide, identify positions that match your profile.
  • Networking - an essential tool
  • Using

Join us and use our network. We can match your competencies with the company’s needs. You will be invited to our”meet and greet” event. As well, you can get help with necessary paperwork, advice regarding residence and work permission and support concerning integration in your new Danish workplace.

Feel free to contact or visit us!



Telefon: 79 72 78 00


Have a look at our brochure for more information.



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