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Unemployment Benefits

An unemployment insurance policy is taken out from an unemployment insurance fund, also known as an "a-kasse".

Unemployment insurance funds

The unemployment insurance funds (a-kasser) are private associations that are often affiliated with trade unions and other professional organisations. If you want an unemployment insurance, you must apply for it.

You can become a member of an unemployment insurance fund if you are between 18 and 65 years old and reside in Denmark (or another EU/EEA country and work in Denmark).

You should apply for an unemployment insurance before you begin to work or while you are in school, so you can get unemployment benefits (dagpenge) when you finish your education and before you find a job.

Most unemployment insurance funds are connected to specific trade unions, but there are also a number of cross-industrial unemployment insurance funds. It is possible to become a member of an unemployment insurance fund without being a member of the associated trade union.

You can get general information on different unemployment insurance funds at "A-kasseguiden". You can find more specific information on the various unemployment insurance funds' websites.

Unemployment benefits

In Denmark, you must apply for unemployment benefits with your unemployment insurance fund if you become unemployed. Initially, you have to register yourself as a job seeker on your first day of unemployment. You can do this at your local job center or on

Job centers

There is one job center in Randers. Here you can get help and general information on how to find a job.

The job center provides resources enabling you to find work and an IT system to advertise vacancies, using a job and CV database called "Jobnet".

Please note that the job center does not have the capacity to translate CVs or job vacancies. Your trade union or unemployment insurance fund may be able to help with translation. Google Translate might be useful as well for initial translation help, but be sure to have any information you translate that way proofread to ensure it has been translated correctly.

Trade unions

The trade unions play a pivotal role in the Danish labor market. Thus, a lot of Danish workers are a member of a trade union. The trade unions assist with cases regarding pay and working conditions, and they can, for example, help with work-related injury cases and rehabilitation. Some trade unions also offer personal consultancy and career planning.

Your choice of trade union and unemployment insurance fund depends on your education, position, and workplace. The various trade unions are associated with specific unemployment insurance funds, but you do not need to be a member of both a trade union and an unemployment insurance fund – it is possible to be a member of just one of these organizations, independently of the other.